THE GOAL: The goal in assembling this collection is to illustrate the Life of Christ in as much detail as possible. 

DOWNLOADS: You must register on the site to download images. (Registration is necessary mainly to control web robots from doing whatever they want to. ) We never send spam or sell mailing lists. Once you have registered and logged in, the download icon will appear under each image.  Registered users can also view the large size images; whereas "guest" users can only view a small size picture. So it is worthwhile to register. 

ROYALTY-FREE: Most images on this site are royalty-free and come from our own collection of more than 4000 vintage and antique lithographs. You are welcome to use single images or selected images for your projects such as blog entries, projection overheads or church bulletins. We hope that these beautiful Jesus images will be included in slideshow projects and video projects, too.

CREATIVE COMMONS: Some of the images were acquired from Wikimedia and are licensed under the Creative Commons 3 or 4 license: these images are located primarily under the Symbols and Stained Glass categories. Please note and respect the Creative Commons license requirements!  -- We have revised, brightened, edited... we've improved almost all the CC images in order to make them more useful for digital media and modern audiences. 

RESTRICTIONS: This digital collection contains proprietary material:
The Glory Collection images may NOT be reproduced for redistribution
or resale without permission from the owner of the collection.
(c) Copyright 2017

PRESERVATION: This image collection contains thousands of lovely images from the late 1800's and early 1900's. Most are in color. Some are black and white. And some have been colored or tinted in order to make them more useful for modern audiences. The bulk of our collection spans nearly 75 years of Christian illustration, created by artists and illustrators who were well known and respected during their day. 





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