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Palm Sunday Celebration by George Avison

Palm Sunday Celebration by George Avison

Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem. Palm Sunday. Jesus Christ rides on a donkey through the gates of Jerusalem. The children and the people shout, HOSANNA. Blessed is He who comes in the Name of the Lord!

And, by the end of the week the same people had crucified Him. So the Triumphal entry is a very strange story. What exactly happened, and why?

Mainly it seems to be a prophetic event, looking ahead to the time when Jesus will return to rule over Jerusalem and the whole world. The Triumphal Entry was only a hint of the glory to come.

On Palm Sunday, Jesus rode on a donkey - but when He returns again Jesus will ride on a white horse. The Second Coming will be full of the majesty and power that one would expect from a King, a hero and warrior.

Palm Sunday holds a promise: that Jesus will indeed return to Jerusalem and take the place of authority that He has earned. Furthermore, the Bible says that He will do it easily and quickly. The power that He restrained during the crucifixion will not be restrained or held back any longer.